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If you’re looking for a simple POS solution that you will love to work with, you’re looking for us.

As passionate fans of great food and flawless service, we firmly believe that new technologies can serve also this purpose. Thus came Papaya – a POS solution miles away from the classical massive and costly systems that merely rob of your time, nerves and money. Papaya actually helps you save time, serve more guests and even gain insights into what they really desire.

Result? More efficient service, satisfied guests and higher sales.

Our ultimate ambition is to design solutions that will help our clients grow in every direction possible. In order to achieve this, we bring all our senses to work:

We listen.
We focus on real, everyday problems of our clients, 24/7
We carefully watch out for trends and news in order to bring you the latest and most efficient solutions.
We are not afraid
to roll up our sleeves to solve the problem at hand.
Our clients are our partners and we are always happy
to shake hands.
We adore good food and coffee – whenever we sense them, we cannot resist.
As a result, we know precisely what goes on in your business.
We have constant appetite to learn;
we are hungry for information and progress.
Craving for success is our best business plan.

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Who drives us


Zuzana Vojteková
Zuzana leverages her long standing corporate experience to help Papaya evolve and grow.
She does not code and thus is responsible for our overall strategic direction, sales, customer support, or relations with our partners.
Zuzana spends her spare time with her husband, two cats and coffee shop loafing.
Tomáš Debnár
Tomáš has years of programming experience with developing various portals and applications.
He is passionate about simple solutions and still believes in customer satisfaction ☺.
Workaholic at the moment, he has limited time for his favorite activities such as sports, nature and hanging out with friends.
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