Simple offer overview
Give your menu a clear-cut design with categories and individual sales items distinguished by colors of your choice. Finalize your offer effortlessly directly on your tablet.
Adjustable sales mode
Do you run a bar or a fast food stand? Your customers will be served in seconds in the “over-the-counter” mode. Coffee shops and restaurants will appreciate “open bills” assigned to individual tables.
Adding an item to the bill automatically sends an order to the kitchen or bar where it is printed for processing. Your waiters only need to pick up the food and drinks and bring them to your guests.
Mobile waiter
Do you wish to serve your guests even faster? Let your waiters take orders directly at your guests’ tables, without constantly running to the till. All you need to do is add Papaya to their smartphones or tablets.
Printers and co.
You will need a printer to issue a receipt. Perhaps you’ll also make use of a scanner, scale or a card payment terminal. Click here to learn more about Papaya-compatible hardware.
Simple lookup
Adding a new item to the bill only takes a single click. Sales items can be selected from specific categories in your offer list, but you can also look them up quickly by typing in their name or code.
Bill IDs
Each bill can be labeled, which makes it easy to look it up later. Open bills are automatically identified by the name of the table to which they belong, however, you are free to change their names as you wish.
Dividing and merging
Do your guests wish to pay separately? No problem, you can simply move selected items to a new bill. Merging two or more open bills is just as simple.
Discounts and surcharges
Discounts or surcharges can be applied to the entire bill or just selected items. Enter the percentage size of the discount / surcharge and financial value will be calculated automatically.
Payment method
Accommodate your guests’ preferences and accept payments in cash, by card or in vouchers – simply select the preferred payment method when closing the bill.
Combined payment
Your guests may also combine different types of payment – part of the bill can be settled by card, the rest in cash. The outstanding amount to be paid is calculated automatically.
Payment deferral
Do you wish to let your regular customers postpone their payment? You may opt for “parking” their bills and settle the payment later, on the agreed date and time.
Payment as operating cost
For the purpose of clarity, you may track the consumption of your own employees separately as a cost item – simply select “Consumption” as payment method when closing the bill.
Web administration
Check what is going at any time – all you need is a web browser and internet access. Track your sales live, update the offer and prices online or analyze your sales reports from the comfort of your home!
Employees’ accounts
All your employees can have their own user accounts – these will give you an overview of your employees’ performance as well as enable control over their user rights (e.g. ability to offer discounts).
Account closing check
After closing the shift you will immediately see your sales for the day, including their breakdown by payment method. You can thus easily check if physical cash corresponds with the reported amount.
Daily sales overview
A basic overview of sales for all closed shifts is available directly in the Papaya POS application on your tablet or smartphone – all you need to do is confirm each shift closing with a single click.
Detailed statistics and reports
Create your own reports online – check sales development over time, find out which items sell the most or compare performance of your waiters.
Daily mail reports
Remain up-to-date under any circumstances – you can receive a daily report with the past day’s sales and guest number details also via email.
Stock level tracking
Never lose track of your inventories! Accepting goods for which stock items have already been created only takes an instant; addition of new items is as straightforward as it gets.
Set up recipes for all meals and cocktails on offer – stock levels will be adjusted automatically the moment the sale is closed.
Inventory counts
Stock-takes for inventory reconciliation based on physical counts can be performed at any time – for all stock items or just a selected category (e.g. alcohol).
Online & offline
With Papaya, you are set to sell regardless of your internet connection. No need to worry about unexpected downtimes or data losses.
Data safety
At Papaya, our clients’ data safety is high on our priority list. To that end, all data communication is encrypted via SSL encryption. Data are also encrypted in the cloud data warehouse.
Onsite server
Outlets with multiple POS devices can make use of a local server-based solution offering additional stability. You may also prefer that all data is stored directly onsite.
Detailed online guides
Papaya is intuitive – you’ll become a pro in no time. Should you ever need assistance, answers to (almost) any question can be found online on our website under Customer service .
Remote support
In case you can’t find what you are looking for do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. Your satisfaction is at the top of our priority list.
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